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More sustainable than single-use paper plates

In 2020 Americans threw out 50 billion paper plates.

Doing the Dishes
(25) Biodegradable Layers

or washing the dishes.

Washing the dishes wastes 1-3 gallons every minute.

Produces 10x - 20x less waste.
Why waste more than you have to?
Takes up 10x less space.
Perfect for on-the-go, travel & camping.
Weighs 10x less.
More economical for shipping & storage.


Makes Less Waste

Takes Less Space

Mathematically the most eco-friendly option...

Peel Plate let's you use one thin layer for each meal.

Each layer weighs .08 ounces compared to .76 ounces on average per single-use plate.

When you buy a 50-pack of Peel Plates ($79.99) you will be sustained for 1250 meals.
       - For those 1250 meals you are producing 10x - 20x less waste than 1250 paper plates. 
       - For those 1250 meals you don't have to constantly buy more paper plates or restock shelf.
       - For those 1250 meals you'd avoid wasting up to 200 gallons washing your plate 1250 times.

On average 50 Peel Plates lasts one person for 1-2 years.

Switch to Peel Plate or Peel Bowl for your daily eating to greatly reduce your yearly waste output.

*Just pay for shipping

*1 per customer